The Rangji Temple

Soi Buakhao

The Rangji Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple located in the holy town of Pushkar. It is dedicated to Lord Rangji, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu according to Hindu mythology. The temple is believed to be more than 200 years old, although the current structure dates back to the 19th century. Its stunning architecture is a unique blend of South Indian, Rajput, and Mughal styles, featuring intricate carvings, beautiful frescoes, and colorful glasswork. The temple's main shrine is adorned with a huge brass chariot, which is taken out in a grand procession during the annual festival of Holi, attracting a large number of devotees and tourists alike. The temple also houses several other shrines dedicated to various Hindu gods and goddesses, making it a popular pilgrimage site. The temple becomes even more significant during the annual Pushkar Camel Fair, held every year in November, when it becomes the center of the festivities, hosting cultural programs, religious ceremonies, and a vibrant bazaar.

More About Ajmer Pushkar Tourism

Ajmer has been an important tourist destination in the northern region of India. It is well known throughout the country as an important Islamic pilgrimage center. It gives a very unique experience to tourists who are seeking to catch a glimpse of the historical journey of India. Pushkar is located about 15 km away from Ajmer, it is among the top tourist destinations in Rajasthan due to being the center of spirituality. This beautiful city has a plethora of touring opportunities, from its remarkable temples and ghats to the colorful and vibrant fairs and festivals. Pushkar has thriving tourism, which has led to the city going through many structural changes. Therefore, it has an abundance of hotels, resorts, cafes, restaurants, and eateries, as well as many more modern facilities for tourists to enjoy! 

Pushkar is not only an important center for Hindu pilgrims, but it also draws a lot of Sikhs due to the presence of several Gurudwaras. Not only is it spiritually and culturally significant, but it is also very popular among young travelers and provides the perfect getaway for people seeking some solace from the hectic city life. It offers plenty of recreational activities that the tourist would love to participate in like boating, Camel safaris, camping, hikes, cable car rides, etc. One of the best times to see and experience the city in its full glory is during the Pushkar Mela, which is an annual fair celebrated with pomp and gaiety. With its outstanding hospitality and great touring opportunities, Pushkar welcomes all its visitors with open arms!

People Also Ask About Ajmer Pushkar
  • Q: How many days are enough to tour Ajmer-Pushkar?


    The duration of a trip to the Ajmer-Pushkar region can vary depending on individual preferences and travel styles. However, if you wish to explore the cities in more detail, then the recommended number of days for you to be able to properly explore them would be three to four days.

  • Q: Which are the best religious places to visit in Ajmer-Pushkar?


    Ajmer-Pushkar region is known as the spiritual center of Rajasthan, therefore this region does not lack good religious places to visit. Here is a list of religious places you must see during your stay in Ajmer and Pushkar: Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhi Din Ke Jhonpda, Ana Sagar Lake, Akbari Masjid, Nasiyan Jain Temple, Shah Jahan’s Mosque, Soniji ki Nasiyan, Rangji Temple, Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake, Savitri Temple, Varaha Temple, Apteshwar Temple, Man Mahal, etc.

  • Q: What are the best places to visit on an Ajmer Pushkar tour?


    The following are some of the best places to visit on an Ajmer Pushkar Tour: Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhai Din Ki Jhonpda, Soniji Ke Nasiyan, Nareli Jain Temple, Ana Sagar Lake, Pushkar Lake, The Brahma Temple, The Savitri Temple, The Rangji Temple, Gurudwara Singh Sabha, the list doesn’t end here, there are still so many more exciting places to see in Ajmer Pushkar region.

  • Q: What is the best time to visit Ajmer-Pushkar?


    The best time of the year to visit Ajmer Pushkar is during the winter when the weather is cool and pleasant. During this time the temperature ranges between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius, making it ides for sightseeing and outdoor activities.

  • Q: Is Ajmer-Pushkar worth visiting?


    Yes, Ajmer-Pushkar are definitely worth visiting for its cultural and religious significance, spectacular historical landmarks, and natural beauty. This region has a unique charm that offers its visitors a glimpse into the cultural and religious heritage of India.

  • Q: Is Ajmer-Pushkar safe to travel to?


    Yes, Ajmer-Pushkar is very safe for travelers. However, as with any destination, it is always important to take basic precautions to ensure your safety and well-being. Therefore, we suggest booking a tour to explore the city under proper guidance.

  • Q: Where can we try the best street food in Ajmer-Pushkar?


    Ajmer and Pushkar are famous for their street food, which offers a wide range of flavors and aromas that are unique to the region. Here are some of the best places to try street food in Ajmer and Pushkar: 

    • Ajmer: Jodhpur Sweets, Khandelwal Chaat Bhandar, Jai Jhulelal, Madina Hotel, Indian Mix Ice Cream House, Mahadev Chaat Bhandar, etc.
    • Pushkar: Mohan Ji Bhujia Wale, Uhma Ji Ke Kachori, Ganga Restaurant, Breakfast Corner, Shree Karni Ma Karni Restaurant, Halwai Gali, etc.

  • Q: Which are the best places to visit at night in Ajmer-Pushkar?


    The Ajmer Pushkar region will provide a unique and colorful experience at night. Here are some places you can visit at night during your visit to the Ajmer-Pushkar region: Ana Sagar Lake, Pushkar Lake, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Pushkar Bazaar, Sunset Point, etc.

  • Q: What are the best places to stay in Ajmer and Pushkar?


    The Ajmer-Pushkar region offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets and preferences. Here is a list of some of the best places to stay in Ajmer and Pushkar: Ananta Spa and Resorts, Bhanwar Singh Palace, The Gateway Resort, The Royal Melange, Jagat Palace, Pushkar Bagh Resort, Dera Masuda, Green Genius Resort, Pushkar Resort, etc.

  • Q: What should we buy from Ajmer-Pushkar?


    Here is a list of souvenirs you can buy during your visit to the Ajmer Pushkar region:

    • Traditional Rajasthani Jwelery,
    • Bandhani and tie-dye fabric,
    • Miniature paintings,
    • Camel leather products,
    • Marble handicrafts,
    • Spices and tea,
    • Handmade paper products,
    • Rajasthani handicrafts,
    • Ayurvedic skin care products, etc.