Why Sun Leisure World

1) Sharing Our brand:- Sun Leisure World a Thailand Travel Agency has been a trusted brand for decades now and our goodwill can be shared by you by becoming our partner.
2) Training:- To ensure flawless management and strong before and after sales service, your team will be put through comprehensive training provided by Sun Leisure World Corporation. The training program will be constantly updated and will provide you with ongoing guidance and assistance at every stage of your progress. There will also be an online training program in place soon.

a) Technology and Total Support
One of the many things Sun Leisure World guarantees its franchisees are unmatched technology and technical support. We, at Sun Leisure World have developed comprehensive technology solutions, covering everything from an easy access virtual office system to automation support with in-house helpdesk and back office systems. You can access your office anywhere anytime. Imagine if your child is ill and you need to stay at home or your client calls you late at night after office hours. Well, you have the Sun Leisure World advantage at your fingertips with our superb online access system. You'll also be provided with a quick and easy to use online database, which can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also, in case of any unfortunate instance, where you might end up losing valuable data/ transaction details, now your business can be back on its feet within a matter of minutes. All thanks to our cloud computing back office.

b) Easy-to-use One Window bookings
Imagine when you book a ticket you first go on to a Central Reservation System (CRS). Next, you have to log into another system for a hotel from 'X' supplier, then into another system to compare the rates with 'Y' supplier. Finally you have to physically capture all this information and print an excel sheet. Not anymore... With the Sun Leisure World advantage, life is a lot simpler. Now with our online access system, you can complete all your processes using just one window - just one simple booking system. Sun Leisure World will also ensure that the most comprehensive IT Software is put into place so you have everything you need to manage and run your franchise.

c) Tours GPS system to do paperless booking:- We have developed the first system in the world to arrange a paperless travel management system. Now you can be connected with your guest using our application for IOS and android.

d) Customer Relationship Management
You require an invaluable business tool for winning and servicing your customer. Sun Leisure World will provide it to you in the form of a sophisticated Customer Relationship Management system.
a. The CRM is a user-friendly database system that is designed to analyze your customer's needs and wants.
b. The system extracts customer data from your booking system and maintains a complete detailed history of all your customers.
c. It allows you to identify and match opportunities to customers most likely to respond to targeted offers.
d. The CRM marketing program includes all our own nationally coordinated direct offer mails plus a personalized cover letter written as if it comes from you and displays your shop's contact details.
e. The CRM program is also an invaluable business tool for winning and servicing your business. It even produces reports which aid you in identifying areas of opportunity and increasing your revenue and profitability.

e) Enjoy Sun Leisure World Purchasing Power
As one of the established travel company, we have the leverage to negotiate commissions and overrides on airfares, cruises, coach tours, holiday packages as well as hotel accommodation and car rentals. Which means, with us you have access to preferential deals and a strong competitive advantage to offer them to your customers.

f) Marketing Strategy
Online and Offline Medium will be used for the marketing of Sun Leisure World’s product and to create the brand awareness and reach out to the clients. National Level as well as Regional Marketing Campaigns will be adopted for creating the Sun Leisure World’s brand awareness.

g) Extensive Ground Operator Network
Since Sun Leisure World also has a strong network of dedicated ground operators functioning in different countries, you'll be able to offer your customers a range of options to maximize their holiday experience as per their budget and convenience. Also, you can be sure about the fact that all your customers will always be in the expert hands of the network and will enjoy a smooth and memorable holiday.

The following products (Domestic & International) will be offered
a) Flights (From December 2018)
b) Hotels (From 1st September 2018)
c) Cars (Existing Thailand, from 1st December 2018 worldwide)
d) Sight-Seeing (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, India)
e) Holidays (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, India)
f) Travel Insurance
g) Forex (at certain locations)
h) Visa & Documentation Services
i) Destination Information and Content Management