Success Plug In

So you can complete control of your business by becoming our Franchise
As a Sun Leisure World franchisee you'll be a one-stop travel shop with an assured potential for growth. Some of the benefits you'll enjoy are:
 The strong market equity of Sun Leisure World with 1 millions visit per month for our website,
 320,000’s of likes in our Facebook page, many friends of your location may be visited us already.
 State-of-the-art cutting edge technology, software and MIS system of the highest standards.
 Group Purchasing power through Sun Leisure World.
 Uniformity of systems and operations to enhance consumer satisfaction.
 Ability to offer a host of travel services under one roof.
 Expert training to ensure a smooth flow of business.
 Marketing, advertising, PR and sales support activity undertaken by Sun Leisure World.
 The distinct Sun Leisure World look and feel to your point of operation.
 CRM system to capture & retain your client-base.
 Tours GPS to connect your customer to our service provider.
 Uploading of your local data by your company.
 Easy to use single - window booking system.
 Constant updates of the latest news and market information.
 And last but not the least, an opportunity to earn across different travel products and services.