Gangarama Maha Vihara

Soi Buakhao

The Gangaramaya Maha Vihara, located in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a magnificent Buddhist temple that serves as a spiritual oasis in the bustling urban landscape of the country's capital. This temple, with its rich history and striking architecture, is not only a place of worship but also a centre for cultural preservation, education, and charitable work. The Gangaramaya Vihara boasts a harmonious blend of architectural styles, including elements of Sri Lankan, Indian, Thai, and Chinese design. The sprawling complex features a main shrine, a relic chamber, a museum, and numerous stupas and sculptures, all set amidst lush gardens, making it a captivating destination for both pilgrims and tourists. In addition to its architectural and historical significance, the Gangaramaya Vihara plays a crucial role in local community development. A visit to Gangaramaya Maha Vihara offers a peaceful escape from the urban chaos and a chance to immerse oneself in the spiritual and cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. The temple's serene ambiance, cultural richness, and philanthropic endeavours make it an essential stop for anyone exploring Colombo.

More About Hikkaduwa Tourism

Hikkaduwa's allure extends well beyond its sun-kissed beaches, offering travelers an immersive experience that blends serenity and adventure. The town's tourism industry has evolved to cater to a diverse range of interests, making it a dynamic and multifaceted destination. For nature enthusiasts, Hikkaduwa presents the opportunity to explore its stunning marine ecosystem. The Hikkaduwa Coral Gardens are a veritable underwater wonderland where snorkelers and divers can get up close and personal with a kaleidoscope of corals, vibrant fish, and even sea turtles. The region's shipwrecks, like the SS Conch and the Earl of Shaftesbury, are a magnet for diving enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into Sri Lanka's maritime history.Adventure-seekers can indulge in water sports like surfing and kiteboarding or embark on boat safaris to explore the nearby Maduganga River with its mangrove forests, birdlife, and tranquil waterways. With its harmonious blend of nature, culture, and adventure, Hikkaduwa is a destination that caters to a wide spectrum of interests, ensuring that every traveler finds their niche in this tropical paradise. Whether you're seeking relaxation, exhilaration, or a bit of both, Hikkaduwa's tourism offerings are certain to leave you with enduring memories of this coastal gem.

People Also Ask About Hikkaduwa
  • Q: What are the best places to visit on a Hikkaduwa tour?


    Here are some of the  best places to visit on a Hikkaduwa tour:-

    • Hikkaduwa Beach for sunbathing and water sports
    • Hikkaduwa Coral Gardens for vibrant underwater exploration
    • Tsunami Honganji Vihara for reflection and remembrance
    • Hikkaduwa Lake for boat rides and birdwatching
    • Saffron Robes Gallery and Studio for local art appreciation
    • Gangaramaya Maha Vihara for serene Buddhist spirituality
    • Hikkaduwa Turtle Hatchery to learn about sea turtle conservation.
    • Hikkaduwa Sunday Market is for shopping and local cuisine.

  • Q: Is Hikkaduwa safe to travel to?


    Hikkaduwa is generally considered safe for tourists. However, it's essential to stay updated on the latest travel advisories and safety guidelines. Follow local authorities' recommendations, take common-sense safety precautions, and respect local customs and laws to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Hikkaduwa.

  • Q: How many days are enough to tour Hikkaduwa?


    The ideal duration for a Hikkaduwa tour depends on your interests. A short 2-3-day visit allows you to explore the main attractions, such as the beach and the coral gardens. For a more relaxed experience and to explore nearby attractions like Galle, consider staying for 4-5 days. Watersports enthusiasts and those seeking a thorough exploration may choose to spend up to a weeks.

  • Q: What is the best time to visit Hikkaduwa?


    The best time to visit Hikkaduwa is during the dry season, which spans from November to April. This period offers sunny and pleasant weather, making it ideal for beach activities and underwater adventures, such as snorkelling and diving in the coral gardens. The monsoon season from May to September may bring heavy rain and rough seas, making it less suitable for beach travel.

  • Q: Is Hikkaduwa worth visiting?


    Yes, Hikkaduwa is definitely worth visiting. This coastal town in Sri Lanka offers stunning beaches, vibrant marine life in its coral gardens, and a relaxed atmosphere. Whether you're into water sports, wildlife, or simply unwinding by the ocean, Hikkaduwa caters to a range of interests, making it a popular destination for travelers seeking a beachside paradise.