• Teach your children about the real world in an entertaining way
  • Allow kids to learn about business and the economy through interactive role-playing games
  • Experience the ways of financial management with “kidZos”, a currency that only exists in KidZania

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KidZania Kuala Lumpur - Admission Ticket

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Earliest date available:: 2024-03-04

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— What You Can Expect —

Step inside KidZania Kuala Lumpur, an interactive indoor theme park that allows children to experience their dream job through role-playing activities!

This activity center is designed to look like a replica of the world we live in, with paved roads, operating vehicles, and actual buildings. The city plan of this metropolis includes several different “establishments”, such as a hospital, police station, fire station, supermarket, beauty salon, radio station, theater, and more! Other than that, visitors will also be able to find locations that offer food & beverage, merchandise, and media, so that they will be able to have the time of their lives in this miniature city!

Children ranging from ages 1 to 14 will be able to choose from up to 100 different role-playing activities. This is a great opportunity for kids to learn about what it takes to be a firefighter, construction worker, police officer, fashion designer, and more! Interactive role-playing activities at KidZania allow children to learn about the economic cycle starting from a young age, which will better prepare them for the future ahead of them. Each city in KidZania functions with a currency called “kidZo”, which helps visitors learn about financial management by earning "kidZos" through the job they choose. Apart from that, they’ll also get to experience how to purchase goods or services as customers, along with saving the money they earn into bank accounts. They’ll also be able to learn about investment and taxes, as well as how to contribute to society through donations.

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** KidZania Kuala Lumpur

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